Have you been a contractor in the past and are now affected by IR35?

IR35 or “off payroll working” has become a real issue for a lot of people recently.

The off payroll working rules can apply if a worker (sometimes known as a contractor) provides their services through their own limited company to the client.

Many tens of thousands of individuals have provided their services to many companies in the past by way of being a contractor, rather than being employed by that company. This has been very common in the banking and I.T industry and the Construction industry. (Even HMRC have employed the services of many individuals as contractors rather than employing them).

However, from 6th April 2021 HMRC have introduced new rules (which are a bit confusing) that means many companies have stopped using individuals that work for them as a contractor via their own Limited Company and have now said they have to be fully employed and paid through the PAYE system of that company.

This means a lot of individuals have Limited Companies which are no longer trading and have no income but have large VAT, CORPORATION TAX or PAYE bills and the company has no way of paying these.

One option is to liquidate the company. By doing this the company will be officially closed down and all the debts of the Limited Company will be written off and disappear (unless you have given any personal guarantees on bank loans etc – HMRC don’t take personal guarantees so any HMRC debt will be written off). You can then get on with your life without the worry of having to pay HMRC back.

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